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Launch date is within sight; let the countdown commence.

          Quanta Dialysis Technologies prepares to

          launch the SC+ Haemodialysis Machine

          Quanta Dialysis Technologies is very excited to  a    single-use,   disposable    cartridge.   This
          become part of the global kidney community as  cartridge based design means there is no need
          it approaches the 2018 commercial launch of its  to disinfect the machine between treatments,
          new haemodialysis system - the SC+.               reducing waiting times for patients in hospitals

          Over 64,000 people in the UK are currently being   or  satellite  units.  It  is  simple  to  set-up  and
          treated for end-stage renal disease and more      controlled through a touch screen which gives
          than 24,000 undergo dialysis treatment to keep    the user all the information they might need to
          them alive.  Quanta recognise that what most      run their treatment. Many patients don’t like the
          dialysis patients want is to be able to focus     idea of a large medical device dominating their
          on their families, their work and their lives.    home.  So this machine has been designed to be
          Managing dialysis treatment can make that very    compact and as small as possible, with minimal
          challenging so there was clearly a need for             adaptations needed to install it in most
          a machine that is compact and easy to                        locations. Most importantly Quanta
          use, enabling greater flexibility and                           wanted its machine to enable all
          patient independence.                                             patients to do their chosen
                                                                             modality  of dialysis without
          Each   individual   patient   on                                    restriction, from three times a
          dialysis  has  different  needs                                     week to short daily sessions.
          and preferences and will be at
          various points along the dialysis                                   This  is  an  exciting  year  for
          journey. Ideally everyone should                                   Quanta as it heads towards the
          be empowered to choose how                                        launch of the SC+ Haemodialysis
          they want to carry out their treatment,                         system into dialysis units and
          working in partnership with their  clinical                 patient’s homes with the real potential
          team to identify the best and most appropriate        to make a positive impact on people’s lives.
          option.  With this in mind Quanta wanted the SC+   If you would like to explore the option of dialysis
          to be suited for use in all potential settings.  So,   using the SC+ further, please contact Quanta at
          you could start using it in hospital being cared
          for by the nursing team and then gradually train  Online:
          to self-care. Ultimately you might want to make
          the transition to home dialysis and carry out
          your  treatment  whenever  it  suits  you.  The  SC+
          is ideally suited for all these environments. For
          many patients like Maddy, doing home dialysis
          for more hours per week makes them feel a lot
          better, with more energy, minimal diet and fluid
          restrictions, less medication and fewer hospital
          visits. Most importantly it gives back precious
          time and freedom, enabling you to spend more
          time living.

          The  technology  behind  SC+  is  based  on  an
          innovative and unique design that incorporates

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