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                                                                                               Summer 2017 issue

              Page                                                                                    Page 12

                              Have you moved? Please remember to let   Page 4  Reversing the fall in living kidney donation in
                               us know here at NKF HQ if you have      the UK
                                moved recently so that we may update   Page 6  2017 Annual Patients’ conference ‘Kidney
                                 our records and ensure your issue     Patients UK’
                               of Kidney Life is going to the correct   Page 7  No time to wait.  What are the priorities when
                             address.                                  organising hospital transport.

                                                               Page 8  Tales from dialysis nights. By Maddy Warren
                                                               Page 10  Quanta introduce their new compact SC+
             If you are reading this issue of Kidney Life and do not   dialysis machine.
              already receive your own free of charge Kidney Life
             magazine but would like to do so, please get in touch   Page 19  AGM/KPA day report
              with us - address details below – and we will arrange   Page 22  BloominYorkshire. Schoolchildren design a new
               for it to be delivered to you at your home address.     bloom to raise money for kidney charities.
                         Together we CAN.

                                                                 NKF would like to thank the following for their
            It’s clearly going to be a busy year. No sooner was a new
                                                                 continued sponsorship of Kidney Life:
            Executive Committee voted in at the NKF AGM held in
            Birmingham at the beginning of April (see page 19 for   Abbvie    Baxter      Mologic    Sandoz
                                                                 Amgen        Chiesi      Novartis   Sanofi
            details), than NHSBT released its 2016-2017 statistics on   Astellas  Fresenius  NXStage
            living kidney donation and transplantation, revealing, for the   B Braun Avitum  Kimal   Quanta
            third year in succession a fall in the number of living kidney
            donations in the UK. NKF will now work to establish the   NKF Officers
            reasons for this worrying trend and then, in collaboration with   Chairman   David Marshall   SAKA
            all key stakeholders work towards putting measures in place   Treasurer   Michael (Bud) Abbott   Glocestershire KPA
                                                                 Chief Executive   Timothy Statham OBE
            to reverse it. Kirit Modi outlines the challenges we face in
                                                                 President     Ken Tupling
            accomplishing this on page 4.  But we also need your help!
                                                                 Patrons       Lawrence Keogh and Nina Wadia
                                                                 NKF Officers and Executive members do usually belong to a KPA, but
            Editor - Deborah Duval                               offer their services to NKF as individuals.  As such NKF recognizes that
                                                                 views expressed by its Officers and Executive members are expressed
            Assistant Editor – Sue Lyon                          as individuals and do not necessarily represent the views of their KPA.

              KIDNEY PATIENTS UK            KIDNEY PATIENTS UK                      KIDNEY PATIENTS UK
             Registered Office:
                                            NKF Helpline is here to help and support you.  We have over 200  If you want to raise funds for the NKF, plan
             The Point, Coach Road, Shireoaks,
                                            unique  and  regularly  updated  information  leaflets  and  trained  an event, make a donation to the NKF
             Worksop, Nottinghamshire S81 8BW
                                            Helpline personnel here to take your call and guide you.  Please  or discuss leaving a legacy to the NKF
             T: 01909 544999  F: 01909 481723
                                            Note: Calls to the Helpline will cost 5p per minute from landlines  please contact Pete Revell (NKF Head of
             e:           plus your ‘phone company’s access charge, and the cost of a  Fundraising).
             Charity No. 1106735            call to the Helpline from a mobile ‘phone will vary according to   T: 01263 722287
             Co. No. 5272349 reg. in Eng. & Wales  the service provider:
             Give as You Earn contribution No. CAF.GY511                             e:
                                            T: 0845 601 02 09 e:
                                           If you require a larger print or audio version of the issue, these are available by contacting the
                    NKF Helpline on 0845 601 02 09
                                                             HELPLINE  0845 601 02 09   Summer  2017   3
            HELPLINE 0845 601 02 09                                 Calls to the Helpline will cost 5p per minute from landlines plus your
                                                                   ‘phone company’s access charge. Calls from a mobile will vary
                                                                   according to the service provider
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