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The APPKG (All Party Parliamentary

          Kidney Group) meet to discuss the

          progress of research into ways to combat

          and treat kidney failure and to address

          the continuing fall in living kidney

          donation numbers.

          Meeting chaired by: Glyn Davis MP (APPKG Vice Chair)
          Speakers: Professor John Feehally (KRUK - Kidney Research UK) and Kirit Modi (NKF Life Vice President)

          T       he APPKG meeting on 7th December was convened to:

                  a)  Ensure adequate funding is made available for research into ways of combating kidney disease in
                  the long term, and
                                                               Kirit Modi then explained the
                  b)  To address the worrying fall in UK
          transplants) – a trend that threatens to derail the 2020 nature of living kidney donation and
                  living kidney donations (and resulting
          Strategy (LDTS) 2014. A strategy to which all four UK  communicated the immense general
          target set out in the Living Donor Kidney Transplant
                                                          concern that the downward trend in
          Governments and NHSBT has signed up to.
          Professor Feehally explained that 60,000 people die
          prematurely each year as a result of chronic kidney   living kidney donation jeopardises
          disease and that the only way to combat and reverse
          this trend lies in expanding research.  Kirit Modi     many renal patients’ lives ”
          then explained the nature of living kidney donation
          and communicated the immense general concern that the downward trend in living kidney donation jeopardises
          many renal patients’ lives and make the targets set out and agreed to by four governments and the entire renal
          community in the LDTS 2014, unlikely to be met unless urgent action is taken.
          It was agreed that Glyn Davis would write to the Chairman of the Implementation Oversight Group (for the LDTS
          2014) asking for reasons for the drop in living donor figures and to outline steps being taken to ensure targets set
          for 2020 in the strategy are being met. Commissioning of living kidney donation is currently under review.  The
          APPKG was also requested to write to the Chief Executive of NHS England requesting details of how these new
          commissioning arrangements will help address the drop in living kidney donation and resulting transplants.
          Message from the Editor:  In the Summer issue of KL we will be reporting in more detail on this topic, on Kirit’s
          presentation and the response from the Chairmen of both the Implementation Oversight Group and of NHS
          England to Glyn Davis MP’s letters.

          (left to right)
          Tim Statham OBE – NKF CEO,
          Kirit Modi – NKF Life Vice
          President, Professor John Feehally
          - Nephrologist and Chair of KRUK
          Board of Trustees, Glyn Davies MP –
          Vice Chair of APPKG

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