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NKF KPA Day (and AGM) at
            T       his annual event in the NKF and KPA calendar has proved to be   The Arden Hotel,

                    extremely rewarding and mutually productive. We are pleased to
                    confirm that once again we have secured the same meeting rooms
                    in the Arden Hotel; which itself is situated a short walk (or taxi ride)
                    away from Birmingham International Railway station.                       on Saturday
            The day will run along similar lines to last year’s event.  After a series of   1st April 2017
            short presentations exploring issues and successes experienced by KPAs
            and NKF there will be an open discussion; the 2017 NKF AGM - during
            which the NKF Executive Committee will be voted in; lunch; and then
            during the afternoon, a Council meeting. Your vote really does matter.

            Your KPA has received NKF Executive Committee nomination papers
            already and for those interested in becoming a member of the NKF
            Executive, a completed form needs to be with NKF HQ by no later
            than 18th February.  If you would like to become a member of the NKF
            Executive Committee please ask your KPA secretary for a nomination form.
            For more details on what your commitment would be as a member of the
            NKF Executive please contact Andrea Brown at NKF Head Quarters
            ( who will be happy to advise you. We would love to
            have YOU on board!
            There is no charge to attend this event and lunch is on us.  However, KPAs
            will need to fund any travel expenses incurred by their own representatives
            Nearest Railway Station – Birmingham International (not Birmingham New
            Street) - only a 2 minute taxi-ride or short walk to the Arden Hotel.
            The Arden Hotel, Coventry Road, Bickenhill Solihull, Birmingham, B92 0EH‎.

             Transforming Participation

                                                                                     By Rachel Gair, Person Centred Care
             in CKD Programme  Facilitator, UK Renal Registry

             Patient Survey Results on Patient View

            T        he Transforming Participation in CKD (TP-CKD) programme is rapidly gaining momentum and we want to

                    tell you about the exciting progress being made.
                    The TP-CKD programme is about supporting and helping patients with kidney problems develop the
                    knowledge, skills and confidence they need to be involved in actively managing their own health care.
                    This is known as patient activation. We are also interested in understanding how kidney problems affect
            the way people with CKD live their lives.
            Kidney patients from 10 renal units have completed the ‘Your Health Survey’ which measures how involved they
            feel they are with their own health care, what symptoms they have and how
            they feel they are managing their day to day life.
            The TP-CKD results of the ‘Your Health Survey’ can be viewed on Patient View
            screens. For more information on the programme please visit the Think Kidneys
            Transforming Participation in CKD website at
                                                               HELPLINE  0845 601 02 09   Spring 2017   7
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