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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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The NKF is very fortunate to have the active support of Industry Partners – 17 currently – and rising, however the support needed is not just a question of donating money. The National Kidney Federation does need about £600,000 per annum for its work, and all the Industry Partners help to support this expenditure, but the NKF also needs ideas, advice, expertise, and the resource available to such large companies, to contemplate and undertake the continuous program of projects now undertaken.

All the Industry Partners take an active interest in the work of the NKF, they help to support and advise the work that is undertaken with our All Party Kidney Group of MPs, with the Government and with the Department of Health. They have all taken part in the NKF advisory and campaigning group, that considers CKD, Dialysis and Transplantation. The NKF likes to establish a close working relationship with each Industry partner and in particular likes to encourage the relationships to be long term. It is of prime importance to the NKF that its “commercial neutrality” is scrupulously preserved so that the interests of one company over another are not advanced by the NKF, or the interests of an industry partner are not put before the interests of kidney patients or carers. The independence of the National Kidney Federation is one of its most important assets, and it is one reason why Government is prepared to listen to the NKF over and above commercial bodies. This independence will never be sacrificed in return for financial support.

Here is the current list of partners:-

Donations (Calendar Year)

CompanyPledged 2018Received 2018Received 2017Received 2016Received 2015Received 2014
ABBVIE           £2000.00
Amgen   £5,000.00 £5,000.00  £7,500.00 £5000.00 £5000.00
ARI           £2000.00
Astellas £10,000    £30,000.00 £30,000.00 £30,000.00 £30,000.00
B Braun Avitum       £500.00 £3000.00 £0.00
Baxter         £5000.00 £8735.00
  £10,000  £10,000  £10,500.00 £20,000.00 £500.00
Diaverum       £7,500.00 £5000.00 £0.00
Fresenius           £0.00
Genzyme           £0.00
Hospira           £0.00
Kimal           £0.00
MOLOGIC      £2,000      
NXStage (Conference)   £10,000  £10,000 £9,000.00   £0.00
Pfizer           £0.00
Quanta   £2,000    £2,000.00  £2000.00 £2000.00
Renal Services - (Confrence)   £10,000  £10,000  £10,000.00 £10,000.00  
Sandoz         £2000.00 £0.00
Sanofi           £7500.00

Stanningley Pharma (Conference)

    £2,000.00      £0.00
Shire         £5000.00 £0.00
Total £10,000.00 £32,000.00 £69,000.00 £77,000.00 £92,000.00 £88,235.00